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Dry Chemical Powder Gun Type Fire Extinguisher

Dry Chemical Powder Gun type fire extinguisher is a unique product suitable for fires involving solids such as cable fires, plastic, rubber, wood etc, gaseous fires and fires involving energized electrical equipment.
On oil fires, the performance is excellent.

Technology: Jet of air propels powder particles, thus accelerating them and resulting in a longer throw for the given rate of discharge.


  • Better volume coverage due to homogenized cloud of powder
  • Application from safer distance
  • Effective for fighting fires at height
  • Suitable for ultra-high voltage application
  • Consistent performance from start to finish.

Standard Components:

  • Applicator Gun
  • Regulator
  • Twin hoses
  • Container with Dry Chemical Powder
  • Air Cylinder

Operating and Performance parameters :

  • Discharge – 0.55 to 0.7 kg/sec
  • Vertical Throw - 8 meters (min)
  • Horizontal throw – 10 meters (min)

Dry Chemical Powder Gun Type Fire Extinguisher is presently available in 25 kg capacity.Model PG 25.

  • Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher 25 kg capacity Model PG 25
Model Extinguisher Capacity (kg) Duration* (sec)
WPG 25 25 40
* For continuous operation

Due to the continuous product development, the actual design/ specifications of the products/ models may change from time to time. Please check back for latest developments.

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